Nitrous has an unparalleled safety record!

  • Unparalleled safety record, Non-opioid – not addictive, noninvasive and latex free – perfect for ALTO programs.
  • Pain and anxiety relief.
  • Flowmeter allows any concentration of nitrous between 0%- 70%.  You can individualize the dose to the patient and adjust up and down during the procedure.
  • Nitrouseal® is the only complete nitrous system as all exhaled gases are safely eliminated from procedure room to minimize exposure to medical personnel by the only FDA cleared air scavenger device available.
  • Studies shows millions of patient encounters without any serious adverse events (nausea and vomiting is the most common side effect in 2% or less).
  • Does not depress respiration or cause unconsciousness if used alone (with no other sedative agents).
  • Very quick onset and very short short duration (less than a minute).  Patients can drive themselves home after use accelerating recovery times.
  • Self-administered by patient. Medical personnel can maintain verbal communication with the patient thru-out procedure.
  • Should be avoided by women in their first trimester of pregnancy, patients with Vitamin B-12 deficiency, patients with severe emphysematous blebs, and patients with recent (within two weeks) inner ear or eye surgery.