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Nitrouseal® for Urology

Nitrous Analgesia: Game Changer

Nitrouseal® for Urology – Nitrous Analgesia: Game Changer

Using Nitrous Analgesia in the office to manage anxiety and pain during urological procedures changes the game by avoiding the operating room and improving patient experience.

I’m Dr. Eric Friedman I’m from Sonora California which is a little rural town out in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and I’ve been a urologist for you know almost 25 years so I’ve had a broad experience with doing various different office procedures and different types of anesthetics and I’ve been able to introduce and successfully bring in the use of nitrous oxide you know to my practice.

I’ve always been concerned when we give patients oral sedation, they come to the office sedated you know they leave sedated for a number of hours or maybe the whole day so I’ve always been looking for something that would be a nice tool that that we as urologist can fit into our tool belt that will help us and I’ve been able to introduce and successfully bring in the Nitrouseal® system you know into the office.

Patient #1:
You weren’t anticipating you weren’t thinking about the procedure anymore.

Patient #2:
I was down far enough that I didn’t feel much of anything, maybe a little pressure and I heard the clicks that was all

Patient #3:
I didn’t really feel much of anything so it was it was a very good experience

Nitrous oxide has been around for such a long period of time already with with this massive amount of data and safety in both pediatric use and in both dentistry that it’s a very easy transition you know to the office. The setup is relatively simple I set it up with my my younger son and a couple wrenches and we put the whole thing together I think it was within an hour we wheel it out you know when we need it we set up an exhaust system in our case you know we just send it right into the drains any office really can replicate that you know very easily.

Patient degree of comfort level and the ability to completely have you know their normal abilities to walk and talk and drive home if they want and that sort of thing that’s such an advantage the patients see that.

Patient #1:
It did seem to go faster time you weren’t thinking about time or anything.

Patient #4:
She takes it off and then she puts oxygen in there and it takes about two minutes and your back to normal, keeps you relaxed and pain-free

Patient #3:
Well I didn’t feel any pain at all and you know everybody was in a good mood and it was very calm and very easy.

They’re holding their own mask and tubing system so so they really have a sense of that they’re in control. That puts their mind on what they need to be doing which is holding the mask on their face and breathing. It’s allowed me to do things in the office that I otherwise would have been sending the patients to a surgery center or the general anesthetic, and so that was easy for me.

That’s a lot of expense for the patient and historically you know I would say to the patient, look you know it’s hard to feel things, you know you’re moving around so now you know there really hasn’t been any cases since I’ve had the nitrous oxide that I have had to say to them know we’re gonna have to do you in the operating room.

Patient #5:
With it, it was enough to probably you know go a thumbs-up.

Patient #2:
If I had an occasion to use it again I certainly would if necessary.

Patient #4:
I would definitely recommend it.

I just think it’s a great it’s a great product and it’s really helping our practice and allowing us to you know help patients along.

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