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The Premium and ONLY Nitrous Analgesia system with waste nitrous scavenging.


The ONLY FDA-Cleared Gas Evacuation Scavenger.

Why Choose Nitrouseal?
Nitrouseal Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece and Nitrouseal® breathing circuit ideal for facial procedures

What is Nitrouseal®?

Nitrouseal® is the ONLY complete self-administered nitrous oxide sedation system available today with FDA-Cleared waste gas scavenging capability. As a result, Nitrouseal® is a game changer and can be used in any medical setting without exposing medical personnel to exhaled nitrous waste gas.

Thanks to the well-known pain and anxiety relief provided by nitrous oxide — you can provide an opioid-free, rapid onset solution that allows your patients to drive themselves home after a procedure!

How Does Nitrouseal® Work?

Not only do your patients benefit, but your staff as well! The Nitrouseal® system includes state-of-the-art all-digital Flowmeter technology and a patented disposable full-face mask and breathing circuit (tubing) invented by a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist.

Nitrouseal® administers the inhaled nitrous/oxygen mixture in adjustable, precise dosages for each patient, then with its FDA-cleared scavenging system eliminates the exhaled nitrous from the treatment area. Your patients will experience comfort and your staff peace of mind.


Nitrouseal® mask and breathing circuit ideal for body procedures


Nasal hood ideal for peri-oral and neck procedures

The Nitrouseal® Revolution is Here

The Nitrouseal® revolution is here – setting a new gold standard for nitrous sedation in medical offices and hospitals across the country!

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The Complete Nitrouseal® System

The Premium and Only Complete Nitrous Analgesia System with Miniscav®
The ONLY FDA-Cleared Gas Evacuation Scavenger!

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Why Choose Nitrouseal®?


Safer for Patients

Range of 0-50% nitrous (up to 70% optional in Mountain states). Set to individual patient’s needs to reduce side-effects seen with overdosing. 100% oxygen available pre and post-procedure.


Safer for Staff

Minimizes room contamination. Studies show serious health effects from chronic exposure to un-scavenged nitrous. Recommended by CDC, NIOSH, and OSHA.


Widely Recognized for Excellence!

  • Includes one full-day on-site in-service with the purchase of the complete Nitrouseal® system at no extra charge.
  • Assistance always available.
  • Re-training by clinical experts.
  • “Uninterrupted Service” Plans offered.


The Ideal Nitrous System

In this video, Dr. Ramsey Nashed Explains How the Safe, Effective, Self-Administered, Nitrouseal® Nitrous Sedation system works.

“Nitrouseal® reliably ensures a comfortable patient experience.
It has truly been a game-changer for our Urology practice.”

Peter Walter, M.D. Picture

Peter Walter, M.D.

WNY Urology

Jamestown, NY

Hospitals Offering Nitrouseal®

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