The Only Complete Nitrous Analgesia System with Miniscav® –  the ONLY FDA Approved Gas Evacuation Scavenger!


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Nitrouseal® is a “game changer” in urology offices.  

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Medical offices are now offering Nitrouseal® to reduce pain and anxiety during office procedures.

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Pediatric ER’s and clinics nationwide offer the Nitrouseal® system.  

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  • The recognized Gold standard for nitrous sedation in pediatric
    hospitals nationwide… now available for children and adults in most medical facilities, including office procedures.
  • The only available FDA cleared waste gas scavenging system to minimize chronic exposure of medical personnel to the exhaled nitrous. [Click here to learn more]
  • Affordable, noninvasive, safe and rapid acting pain and anxiety relief with a short duration that is opioid and latex free.
  • No need for premedication before the procedure and the patient can safely drive themselves to and from the office or medical facility after use.
  • Flexibility. Can deliver any concentration of nitrous from 0% – 70%. Makes it easy to individualize the dose to the patient and adjust up or down during the procedure.
  • Developed by an anesthesiologist for patient self-administration. Very easy to use patented mask designed specifically for comfort and seal.
  • Hygienic. Everything that comes into contact with the patient is disposable.

To learn more about the use of nitrous oxide, click here.

Hospitals That Offer Nitrouseal®

Children's of Alabama
Banner Children's
Baptist Health System
Alina Health Buffalo Hospital
Children's Medical Center
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cleveland Clinic Akron General
Cleveland Clinic
Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Cook Children's Health Care System
Dayton Children's
East Tennessee Children's Hospital
Georgia Health Sciences University
Gillette Children Specialty Healthcare
Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Foundation
Huntsville Hospital
Kaiser Permanente
Mercy Children's Hospital
Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital
Levine Children's Hospital
Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics
Allina Health Mercy
Children's Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota
MultiCare Better Connected
Nationwide Children's
Oregon Health & Science University
Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital
Sacred Heart Hospital
Sanford Health
Essentia Health
St. Cloud Hospital
The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis
St. Francis Regional Medical Center
Children's Hospital St. Louis
St. Mary Medical Center
St. Mary's General Hospital
Tahoe Forest Health System
University of Minnesota Health
Allina Health
University of Wisconsin-Madison