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Testimonials from Medical Offices

“Nitrouseal® reliably ensures a comfortable patient experience.
It has truly been a game-changer for our Urology practice.”

Peter Walter, M.D. Picture

Peter Walter, M.D.

WNY Urology

Jamestown, NY

“The use of Nitrouseal® has been a game changer for our practice. It is effective, affordable, and safe.“

Richard Lotenfoe, M.D. Picture

Richard Lotenfoe, M.D.

Urology Health Solutions

Orlando, FL

“I chose Nitrouseal® for my practice because of its many safety and patient comfort features. These include the ability to adjust nitrous concentration over a wide range, the inclusion of scavenging to remove exhaled nitrous, and the ability to flush with 100% oxygen at the end of a procedure.

My patients like the disposable mask and breathing circuit because it fits comfortably, provides a tight seal, and is easy to hold in position. My staff also finds the equipment easy to use. Thanks Nitrouseal® for providing such an excellent product!”

Steven Gange, M.D., FACS Picture

Steven Gange, M.D., FACS

Summit Urology Group

Salt Lake City, UT

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(888) 959-5288

“I have been a user for the past 3 years of Nitrouseal® system, and have been able to do several UroLift®, prostate biopsies, bladder biopsies with fulguration, and other procedures in my office. Patient satisfaction is excellent.”

Piyush N. Joshi M.D., FACS Picture

Piyush N. Joshi M.D., FACS

OM Urology

Melbourne, FL

“Introduction of the Sedation Systems titratable nitrous oxide delivery system has been one of the best decisions we have made for Havkin Urology. We have introduced the system into practice in May of 2017 after extensive training and support provided by the staff of Sedation Systems.

Customer care and technical support have been unparalleled.

Introduction of this tool into outpatient office based Urological practice has allowed us to perform procedures which were previously only able to be performed in ASC setting. Patient comfort has been remarkable, safety has been remarkable and patient as well as staff acceptance and approval have been 100%.

We have performed over 800 procedures including vasectomies, bladder biopsies, prostate biopsies, litholapaxies, stent removals, UroLift®, diagnostic cystoscopy for patients with severe anxiety otherwise requesting general anesthesia, intravesical botox injections, urethral dilatations, suprapubic tube placements, intravesical foreign body removals etc.

The advantages of this system over other nitrous oxide delivery systems are clear and indisputable including ability to titrate nitrous oxide concentration to patient’s comfort and fully closed system with scavenger thus fully adhering to OSHA regulations and protecting staff from N2O exposure, etc.

Introducing the system has allowed us to position ourselves as leaders of the outpatient Urological care in the community.

It allowed greater flexibility in patient’s care including being able to deliver complex care on the spot, provided a marketing edge over competing Urological practices in the community and served as additional revenue center.

In my opinion, introduction of this tool into any forward thinking Urological practice is a MUST.”

Boris Havkin, M.D. Picture

Boris Havkin, M.D.

Havkin Urology

Melbourne, FL

“I am a Private practice Urologist, and have been using the Nitrouseal® system in my office since June 2016. From the first time I saw the Nitrouseal® product, and met co-founder & inventor Dr. Nashed at the Boston AUA in ’16, I knew this would be a game changer for office Urology. The safety, simplicity of use, and staff & patient comfort with this form of sedation made it very easy to institute. Office procedures such as Urolift®, and Rezum™ were better tolerated than oral sedation techniques, without the long “hangover” effects. I have had good results in elderly, frail men in retention, who were not otherwise candidates for anesthesia. I like the ability to titrate the nitrous oxide dose as needed to suit the patient ‘s individual needs.

Overall the use of the Nitrouseal® system has allowed many of my patients to have the convenience and efficiency of an office procedure, while providing the mild sedation they require for short office procedures. The entire team at Nitrouseal® has been easy to work with, and rapidly responsive to any questions.”

Eric Freedman, M.D. Picture

Eric Freedman, M.D.

Adventist Health Sonora

Sonora, CA

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Call us to find out more about the Nitrouseal® nitrous system. The complete and premium nitrous system.

(888) 959-5288

“Nitrouseal® is awesome! We use this in our urology practice everyday. It is safe, easy to use, and has increased our ability to perform Urolift® and Rezum™ on the fly. Check out my upcoming video on the AIS Channel (Advances in Surgery Channel) demonstrating how easy it is to perform Rezum with Nitrouseal®. We can now perform these procedures in under 10 minutes with exceptional patient experience. Nitrouseal® is a total game changer.”

Rahul Mehan, M.D. Picture

Rahul Mehan, M.D.

EVU Center

Mesa, AZ

“Our patients at Swor Women’s Care appreciate the option of nitrous analgesia for office procedures and minor surgeries. It’s a great addition to improved patient experience. The unique Nitrouseal® technology allows for individualized dosing and complete safety for our staff. It’s easy to learn and implement into practice.”

SWOR Woman's Care Picture

Dr. Kelly-Anne Shedd-Hartman (aka Dr. KASH)

Dr. Michael Swor

Dr. Jennifer Lichon

Swor Women’s Care

Sarasota, FL

“Easy to operate, effective and safe. A game changer.”

Hilel Swerdlin, M.D. Picture

Hilel Swerdlin, M.D.

Sinus & Snoring MD – ENT Family Clinic

Kenosha, WI

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Call us to find out more about the Nitrouseal® nitrous system. The complete and premium nitrous system.

(888) 959-5288

“Nitrouseal® has allowed us to provide an enhanced experience to our patients undergoing in-office nasal and sinus procedures. The analgesic effect is immediate, easy to control, very well tolerated and it wears off as quickly as it sets in. Our patients tolerate their procedures so much better, thanks to this safe and efficacious technology.”

Paul Schalch Lepe, M.D., FACS Picture

Paul Schalch Lepe, M.D., FACS

Silenso Clinic

San Diego, CA

“Nitrouseal® has been a great addition to VIVIFY plastic surgery. Not only has it allowed us the ability to offer the comfort of nitrous oxide to our patients for in-office procedures, but it has also allowed us to follow our tenet of prioritizing patient safety.

This system gives us the ability to titrate the balance of nitrous-to-oxygen and even allows us to provide 100% oxygen to patients at the end of a procedure. It also incorporates a unique scavenger system to prevent excess nitrous exposure to both our patients and our staff.”

Dallas Buchanan, M.D. Picture

Dallas Buchanan, M.D.

Vivify Plastic Surgery

Tampa, FL

“I have used Sedation Systems for the past two years. It is a versatile, adjustable device to help with conscious sedation for many of our office and med spa procedures. I appreciate the many safety features of this device. It is a portable, easy to use device that can assist a plastic surgeon’s practice. Our patients appreciate this option for sedation, which adds comfort for their procedures while minimizing post-procedure anesthesia issues. I would recommend Nitrouseal® to my colleagues without hesitation.”

John J. O’Brien, M.D. Picture

John J. O’Brien, M.D.

St. Petersburg Center for Plastic Surgery

St. Petersburg, FL

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