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How Sedation Systems LLC Started:

Over two decades ago, Dr. Ramsey Nashed M.D., D.A.B.A, a board-certified anesthesiologist with 28 years of experience, became interested in developing equipment that would allow for the economical and environmentally-safe way to administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as an analgesic for medical procedures.

In 2006, Dr. Nashed formed a collaboration with Michael LaSalla, a military veteran ETS Quantico, and successful businessman with 40 years experience in franchise and real estate development. Together they envisioned marketing medical devices that make nitrous analgesia safe for patients and staff during medical procedures performed in offices and hospitals, and in VA hospitals where many veterans sought medical care.

Subsequently, in 2007, they were joined by attorney, Michael Bender, who holds an extensive background in corporate business development, IP, and regulatory affairs.  Together, they formed Sedation Systems LLC. The company today remains privately owned and operated.

Before Nitrouseal®

Though nitrous oxide has been used for many decades in dentistry, its use for medical procedures such as in ERs and radiology departments was held back by concern for staff exposure to exhaled nitrous.  The existing equipment at the time was designed for use by dentists.  This caused a certain amount of nitrous to escape into the procedure room environments when used for non-dental procedures. 

Safety committees at hospitals, relying upon nitrous exposure-badge testing results, concluded that using nitrous with existing dental equipment was unsafe for staff.

This led to the introduction of the Nitrouseal® full-face mask and breathing circuit. Subsequent testing of the Nitrouseal® mask/circuit in combination with scavenging, proved that nitrous exposure to staff was minimized.

From there, administering nitrous analgesics via the Nitrouseal® system rapidly became widely adopted by many hospitals, particularly pediatric hospitals, nationwide.

Nitrouseal® Delivering Nitrous Analgesics in Medical Offices

In 2014, Sedation Systems LLC realized the great need for nitrous analgesics for medical procedures being performed in medical offices. A solution for eliminating the exhaled nitrous had to be found in order to make its use safe for medical office staff. In most medical offices, wall suction is not available to scavenge exhaled nitrous, unlike in the hospital setting. 

In 2017, Sedation Systems LLC obtained a 510-K on the Miniscav® nitrous waste gas evacuation pump, and became the only US company allowed to market a FDA-cleared portable scavenger, and is currently the only US company to be able to offer a complete system (including a flowmeter and scavenger) to medical offices.

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Sedation Systems LLC provides Nitrouseal® – the premium delivery system for administering nitrous analgesia during medical procedures.

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