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About Sedation Systems LLC


How Sedation Systems LLC Started

Over two decades ago, Dr. Ramsey Nashed M.D., D.A.B.A, a board-certified anesthesiologist with 28 years of experience, became interested in developing equipment that would allow for the economical and environmentally-safe way to administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as an analgesic for medical procedures.

In 2006, Dr. Nashed formed a collaboration with Michael LaSalla, a military veteran ETS Quantico, and successful businessman with 30+ years experience in franchise and real estate development. Together they envisioned marketing medical devices that make nitrous analgesia safe for patients and staff during medical procedures performed in offices and hospitals, and in VA hospitals where many veterans sought medical care.

Subsequently, in 2007, they were joined by attorney, Michael Bender, who holds an extensive background in corporate business development, IP, and regulatory affairs. Together, they formed Sedation Systems LLC. The company today remains privately owned and operated.


The mission of SEDATION SYSTEMS LLC is to combine state-of-the-art medical equipment with a high level of service to safely deliver nitrous oxide analgesia and anxiety relief to patients undergoing minimally invasive procedures. The company’s Nitrouseal® nitrous system is the only nitrous system available today which includes an FDA-cleared scavenger to minimize exposure of medical staff to exhaled nitrous.

What is nitrous scavenging?

Nitrous scavenging is simply eliminating the nitrous that is exhaled by the patient during a nitrous sedation so as to prevent the medical staff from being exposed chronically. Inasmuch as the body does not retain or metabolize nitrous, virtually all of the nitrous administered to a patient will be exhaled into the treatment room.

Why is nitrous scavenging important?

Clinical studies have consistently shown that chronic nitrous exposure leads to serious health risks (infertility, miscarriages, anemia, renal and hepatic disease, and eventually neurologic disease). This is why the CDC, NIOSH & OSHA have issued warnings about it and why scavenging is now the standard of care in dentistry and in hospitals.

How is nitrous scavenging accomplished?

In hospitals and dental offices wall suction is used to suction the exhaled nitrous and vent it outside the building. However, most medical offices don’t have wall suction. This is why SEDATION SYSTEMS LLC obtained FDA-clearance on a scavenging device (Miniscav®) and is now the only nitrous equipment supplier that includes a scavenger device in its complete Nitrouseal® nitrous delivery system.

Miniscav for Nitrous Scavenging

The Miniscav®

Safety in a Small Package:

The FDA-cleared Miniscav® is the only substitute available in the US capable of replicating in-wall suction. The portable, suit-case-sized, easy-to-use unit is designed to suction 45 liters per minute of air and vent it outside the building.

For more information, please visit our blog article on Nitrous Scavenging.

Sedation Systems LLC provides Nitrouseal®

The premium delivery system for administering nitrous analgesia during medical procedures.

Complemented by unsurpassed customer service and training!

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