Nitrouseal® Benefits

Nitrouseal® Benefits

Nitrouseal® was developed for the safety of patients and staff.

For Your Patients

  • Avoids overdosing- most patients will not need more than 46% nitrous (average 35-45%).
  • Easy to self-administer.
  • 100% oxygen at end of procedure for added safety.
  • Opioid-free analgesia.
  • Rapid onset and offset–patients can drive themselves home.

For Your Staff

  • Safety.
  • By using the only FDA-cleared scavenger, exhaled nitrous is removed from the room, minimizing the risks of chronic nitrous exposure.
  • The CDC, NIOSH, and OSHA all recommend scavenging exhaled nitrous.
  • Easy to use. We provide training videos and on-site training for the Nitrouseal® Complete System.
    • Remote learning is available.

For Your Practice

  • Enable more procedures to be done in the office.
  • Patients are comfortable during procedures, yielding better results.
  • Patients are more likely to return for other procedures.
  • Competitive marketing advantage.
  • No need to rely on availability of mobile anesthesia providers – also avoids having to monitor patients for extended periods after procedures.

Compare Nitrouseal® with Pronox® and NitroNox®

Common Uses for Nitrouseal®

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Nitrouseal® is the only solution you need to safely and efficiently administer nitrous oxide in your clinic.

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